“Scientists of Moscow State University MV Lomonosov, with the support of the Day One Foundation, began testing the drug against COVID-10”, said Kirill Masliev, Director of Medicine at the Foundation.

One of the developers of the new drug is Maxim Skulachev, a member of the Board of Trustees of the foundation. According to him, it will be created on the basis of the active substance - SkQ1 (mitochondrial antioxidant, prevents the intensification of the inflammatory process). The new drug will avoid the transition of COVID-19 to its most severe form. The prototype of the drug is called "Mitotech-19."

On April 10, in the laboratory of Moscow State University, started researches on its effects on mice. The results will be available in May. “If the ongoing trials are completed successfully, of which I am sure, we will begin clinical trials,” said Maxim Skulachev.

"Mitotech-19" trials are conducted in the laboratory of Moscow State University

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