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«Day One» Fund’s Appeal to Entrepreneurs

We all see what is happening in the world. For the first time in 100 years, we are face to face with an unprecedented challenge — the virus is attacking us. Thousands of people have already perished/died in this war.

Each of us must help our State repel the threat.

We see cities around the world emptying and the economy collapsing. Set aside all your affairs and take care of your family and close/near ones, your employees, and all those around you.

We will be ready to repel this viral aggression together.

We urge you, everyone in their place — at their enterprise/firm, in their bank, in their company — to instruct everyone on measures to prevent the spread of infection: self-isolation, remote work and necessary protection.

Turn on all your intellect and entrepreneurial vein in order to provide the maximum number of people with protective equipment, to provide the region, all doctors with the necessary protective suits, and hospitals with medical equipment. As experience shows, doctors are the Heroes of this war, every doctor saved from the infection means hundreds of saved patients. It is in your power to protect doctors.

We have created the Day One Foundation in order to help combat the COVID-19 epidemic. Today, together with the aid of the Aerospace Forces of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the first cargo was delivered to Chkalovsky Airport.

If you need help, our Fund is ready to assist in the purchase and delivery of necessary protective equipment and medical equipment to your region.

If you are able to organize this yourself — we are ready to share our experience, provide expert advice, provide you and your employees with the necessary information. Let’s gather around our President and help the country repel the threat. We all saw how, a few days ago, he was not in his office, but on the front line, together with doctors, met with patients of the infectious diseases hospital in Kommunarka to support them. We should all appreciate this and be proud of our President. Let’s follow his example.

We will support our Doctors!!!

Bosov Dmitry (Moscow region, quarantine, test — negative)

Glinberg Vladislav (Moscow, quarantine, test — negative)

Kotsyubinsky Dmitry (Moscow region, quarantine, bronchitis, negative test)

Lukashev Alexander (MD, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, not tested)

Masliyev Kirill (candidate of medical sciences, test — negative)

Melnikov Sergey (Moscow region, quarantine, not tested)

Ovechkin Alexander (Washington, quarantined, not tested)

Kasatonov Alexey (Moscow, not tested)